Contact Methods



For a longer-form message (more than 5-10 chat messages in a batch), email me at However, try other medium below if your message is questions or other messages, as it takes a bit of time to read your email.

If your topic is about wiki (wikimedia, mediawiki, or other non-Wikimedia wikis), you may want to email instead of the general mailbox.


Read GnuPG on for up-to-date, canonical source of GnuPG key.


Join my personal discord server and DM the one with revi role at the top.


I am revi on and LizardIRC.


NOTE: Due to iOS notification issue, message notification on iOS is a hit and miss. Don't rely on Matrix when sending critical message.

You can message me via Matrix at


If you already have this contact method, you are free to contact me via these messengers but they are deprecated and should not be relied on.

Phone numbers

I only share my phone number to those I can trust.